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It is not recommended to use the drug together with other drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (the safety and efficacy of combination therapy has not been studied).
Good afternoon UV. forum. A few days ago was seriously intending to take some of generic Viagra on aukro, but decided to read reviews about it and got on this website, one of those wrote that it is a Scam. These sites frankly do not trust, but I read the forum and saw that this is serious and ashamed. So. First, like Viagra, but then write, that action comes in a couple of hours.

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Use in patients receiving continuously or intermittently the donators of nitrogen oxide, organic nitrates or nitrates in any form as sildenafil enhances the hypotensive effect of nitrates.
Viagra for women works the same way as men,with one exception-it is not worth it. Originally,Viagra was supposed to be a cure for colds,but when I saw how it works on men,it began to use for other purposes. Properties of Viagra in women,produced by 25-30% weaker than that of men. Explain this thing that if you gave a pill and sit like a poplar,and the result will be zero! If you want to get the scooter rolling,you need to apply a force to push it up. So it is here: I want men.hatsa-it is necessary to stir the glade! Really don't remember what kind of drink can be combined-in order not to feel the specific taste of the drug. =)

Zinc is an important element contributing to sexual arousal. He controls the "behavior" of the hormone testosterone, helping women to tune in to sex, he is also one of the most important features of the male sperm.
"Every time you have sex or just want to prepare for a night of love yourself and your partner, eat a handful of raspberries or strawberries," says Patrick Holford, founder of Institute of nutrition optimization, who conducted the study.

According to recent research, the consumption of strawberries and raspberries significantly enhances libido. And this is true for both men and women. The reason for all the zinc, a high percentage of which is contained in seeds of both berries. Unlike most fruits, small seeds of these berries are not removed, and eat with them.


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Note that in June in UK from store shelves began to disappear strawberries, regarded by scholars "natural viagra". In light of recent discoveries, this means an even greater increase in sexual activity of British citizens. After the data were published of a study in which strawberries are called "natural viagra", is the level of sales of this fruit in UK supermarkets increased by 17%. Hypersensitivity to sildenafil or to any component of the drug;